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Xyron 850

Xyron 850 Machine

The Xyron 850 Machine is a multi-purpose, desk top laminator designed to apply lamination, adhesive, or both to your documents. Any item with a maximum width of 8.5" can easily fit into the Xyron 850, and length is only limited by your Xyron refill cartridge. Laminating, making projects such as stickers, labels, and small banners has never been easier. The best part is, the Xyron 850 machine uses absolutely NO ELECTRICITY! Get your projects done, and help save the planet in the process.

We Carry Xyron 850 Refill cartridges!

Xyron 850

Though the Xyron 850 machine is no longer in production, we still offer all available Xyron 850 Refill Cartridges. The Xyron refill cartridges include laminate and adhesive solutions (or a combination of both) to accommodate almost any project you may have. Click this link to find a list of the Xyron 850 Refill Cartridges currently available.

Where can I get a Xyron 850 machine?

While the Xyron 850 machine is a great small office machine, it is no longer on the market. We can offer you the very similar Xyron 1200 machine. The Xyron 1200 has the same exceptional abilities. What is the difference? The Xyron 1200 machine is 12" wide instead of 8.5" wide, making the Xyron 1200 as effective than the Xyron 850 machine.

Xyron 850 Machine is exceptionally versatile and easy to use. You can get all your projects done quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money. If you already have a Xyron 850, then you know how great it is and how hard it is to complete your projects without it. So when you're in need of Xyron refill cartridges, let us deliver Xyron 850 Refill Cartridges to your doorstep. E-Complete offers the lowest prices on all Xyron 850 refill cartridges!

Why Xyron 850 machine?

The Xyron 850 Machine has been and still is loved by many business owners and scrapbookers alike. The Xyron 850 was designed to be easy to use for everyone. The approximate cost to laminate an 8.5" x 11" document is about $ 0.30 per sheet. With no mess, no waste and no hassles. This is one of the easiest laminating machines that has ever been on the market. If you are a small business or just someone who likes to save money, looking for a desktop laminator you should consider the similar Xyron 1200 Machine. The Xyron 1200 offers the same easy to use features with the added benefit of the 12 inch width. The Xyron 850 Machine and the Xyron 1200 Machine are equally hard working and simple to use. You will love these Xyron Machines!